Candle Magic for Beginners: Your ULTIMATE Guide (2022)

Wondering how to do simple candle magic? It’s a lot easier than you might think! Here’s your ULTIMATE guide to candle magic for beginners. We will discuss the magical properties of certain colors for candle magic, the sizes and types of candles and their applications, dressing a candle, and how to do a basic candle spell.

What you’ll find in this tutorial:

  • Candle magic colors
  • Sizes and types of candles best for certain rituals
  • How to dress and bless/charge a candle
  • How to do candle magic
  • What to do with candle spell remnants

Candle Magic Colors

The best candle magic starts with thinking about the color and kind of candle you’ll use. First start with the color. Color itself is a magical thing and fuels your intention in your candle magic ritual. Use this candle magic color guide to choose the right color. Feel free to pin it to your Pinterest board for future reference!

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Candle Magic for Beginners: Your ULTIMATE Guide (1)

Kinds & Sizes of Candles for Magic

Beginners are often confused on what kind or size of candle to use for candle magic. The thing is most rituals and spells don’t tell you what kind or size to use. It’s left up to the candle magic practitioner to decide. I’ve tried to make it easier for you here. Use these guidelines:

  • Tapers: These are the long, thin candles your grandma has at her house. These were popular candles in the old days and were handmade back then. Use tapers to light up your altar during ritual or seal a witch’s bottle.
  • Novenas: jarred, tall candles often found in the dollar store, Walmart, or the grocery store with pictures of saints, Mary, and Jesus. Use novena candles to honor your gods/goddesses, ancestors, angels, etc. Bless them and burn them as often as you’d like.
  • 7 Knob: seven knob candles are popular in American folk magic traditions and are used to cast a spell for seven days in a row. Light and burn one knob each day for 7 days.
  • Medium to Large pillars: thick, medium to large candles. These burn a long time, so I recommend using only as ambient lighting or to honor your gods/ancestors.
  • Small pillars: smaller candles that burn faster than pillars and larger candles. Use these in candle magic that lasts three hours or more. Great to seal larger witch’s bottles or jars.
  • Chime/Spell Candles: PERFECT for candle magic for beginners. Bell candles (also called chime or spell candles) burn in about an hour.
  • Birthday candles: a cheap, quick-burning substitute for bell candles. These also come in different colors
  • Animal and Figure Candles:these kinds come in various sizes and styles. Owls, wolves, cats, lovers, birds, etc. Animal candles are extra helpful when honoring and communicating with animal spirit guides and familiars. Human figure candles are used in love and healing spells, mostly.
  • Tealights: I particularly love tealights for heating up jar spells or doing quick candle magic. They come in all colors and some are scented. Find tealights in packs at your dollar store or Walmart.
  • Floating candles: candles that float in water aren’t just pretty…they’re great for keeping one’s wishes afloat. I find them particularly powerful when using both the water and fire elements to fuel your spell work (think sacred polarity).

How to Dress a Candle

Candle magic for beginners should always include dressing a candle, but unfortunately this part is frequently overlooked. Dressing a candle involves adding extra ingredients and intention into your candle spell or ritual by anointing your candle in oils, carving symbols or words into your candle, and/or rolling the oiled candle in loose leaf herbs and powders. You may choose to do one or all of these.

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While you carve, load, anoint, and dress with herbs, visualize your intention for this candle ritual. Do you need healing? Are you attracting love? A new job? Friendship? Justice in a legal matter? Envision yourself having whatever your desire/need is while dressing the candle. This adds extra power to your ritual.

Here’s the different ways to dress your candles:

  • Carve symbols, sigils, pictures, or words into your candle using an athame, knife, pin, etc.
  • Anoint the candle with magical oils
  • Load your candle by carving out a portion of the top/bottom and adding herbs/oils
  • After you’ve anointed in oil, roll your candle in loose leaf herbs or powders of your choice
  • Encircling your candle spell with powders, oils, crystals, etc. protects the spell while it’s in action and amplifies your intentions

WARNING! Overloading your candle with herbs or plant matter of any kind CAN and WILL produce a large flame. This is a common mistake with beginners and is a definite fire hazard. A sprinkle/pinch of herb is typically enough and cuts down the risk. NEVER LEAVE YOUR CANDLES UNATTENDED.

Candle Magic for Beginners: Your ULTIMATE Guide (2)

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How to Bless or Charge a Candle

There’s that word again – charge. It seems everywhere a beginner looks this work is thrown into online sources and books. But what does it mean to charge? And how do you do it? To charge an item means to put your energy into it, your intention, your emotions, your goals. It’s easiest to charge your candle and candle magic ingredients while you’re dressing your candle.

By simply visualizing your goal’s positive outcome while holding the candle in your hands, your energy is being imprinted onto the candle, oils, and herbs themselves. This is what it means to “charge”. Some people feel their energy radiating from their palms into the items they’re charging, while some feel a warmth. Some might feel nothing at all. As long as you’re visualizing your goal, literally seeing it happen in your mind’s eye, then you are imbuing that energy into whatever you’re holding.

Candle Magic for Beginners: How to Cast Like a Pro

It didn’t take me long to become proficient in candle magic, and it won’t take you long either as long as you practice. Candle magic for beginners may seem convoluted, but eventually you’ll come up with your own signature style. Adapt to your needs and preferences. Here’s how to do a basic candle spell or ritual:

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  1. Choose the color and size/type of candle for your intention.
  2. Prepare oils and herbs/powders and knife for carving.
  3. Carve your symbols, sigils, etc. into candle (optional) (start visualization of your goals/desires coming to fruition at this point and continue throughout ritual).
  4. Anoint candle with oils.
  5. Roll oiled candle in herbs/powders.
  6. Light and burn for intended time (I recommend letting the candle burn out on its own instead of blowing or snuffing the flame. Make sure you monitor the candle spell while it’s burning so nothing catches fire!)

What to Do with Candle Spell Remnants

Following a candle spell, beginners might wonder what to do with the remnants. Before you dispose or keep the remnants, consider doing candle wax predictions. Look at the wax drippings and scry a pattern, picture, letter, number, etc. that may give you a deeper look at the spell’s energy and results. Don’t make this a difficult process. Simply look at the drippings and make candle wax predictions based on the first thought that pops into your head. Your intuition usually speaks before logic. Write down your readings then move onto disposing/keeping the remnants.

What you do with the remnants of the candle magic will depend on the intention. For instance, if you want to draw something to you, you’ll want to bag up the remnants and keep them close-by. If love is your intention, take the wax, herbs, and remnants of the spell, tie them in a bag, and keep it under your mattress, next to your bed, or in your underwear drawer, etc. If you’re looking to banish something from your life like a bad habit, bag up the remnants and throw them in running water, trash them on the other side of town, etc. Just get it away from you.

Candle Magic for Beginners: Your ULTIMATE Guide (3)

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So whether you are looking for a candle to help you meditate, relax, or achieve a specific goal, there is sure to be a perfect candle out there for you.. Healing candles can be made of different materials, and each type of candle has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.. For example, if you want to attract love, you will use a pink candle; if you’re going to repel negativity, you will use black candles.. There are many different ways to perform candle magic, but one of the most important things is to choose the right type of candle for your needs.. As the wax melts, it will mix with the other candle (I like to use yellow candle) and create a new colour.. Now that you know which days to burn which candles, you can begin to choose the right candle for your needs.. Now that you know how to read a candle’s flame, you can choose the right type of candle for your needs.. Then, choose a candle that represents what you wish to manifest – for example, a violet candle for self-love or a silver candle for abundance.

Today we look at what candle magic is, how and why it’s used in witchcraft and the importance of magical color theory.. Candle magic is a type of spell which uses, you guessed it, candles.. The most practiced form of candle magic is recognized world wide: blowing out birthday candles.. The witch needs to simply pick their candle of choice based on color and shape, dress (to anoint with essential oils and sometimes dried flowers and petals) and then light and proceed with the spell as directed.. Tin/jar: excellent travel candles as they can be packed away, often dressed on top with flowers and highly scented, they are complete spells activated just by lighting the candle.. Just like with the shape any color will work but mindfully selecting a color is a nice touch to add a little boost to your spell and another layer of magic, mixing candle magic and color magic for greater results.. Below is a list of candle colors and their uses in spell craft:. So this candle color is great for anything to do with work and manifesting abundance, it’s a very practical and get up and do it candle.. For instance we need to hand out CVs as well as doing the new job spell but spells with gold candles will make the work we put in worth it tenfold.. Using the above lists we can see how a witch could easily create their own spells, with candle and color magic making a string foundation for the spell.. Here is a spell for abundance that uses candle and color magic as its main form of power that you can try.

But what exactly is candle magick?. Sandalwood – personal healing, banishing illness, spirituality, protection. Ash – protection, health, prosperity, luck. Ginger – prosperity, love, power, success. Even if all you do is choose your candle, light the wick and meditate with your desired goal, your energy and focus are where the power lies.. The act of lighting a candle and focusing on your desires can be a very powerful thing so don’t dismiss simplicity.

With so many sizes, shapes, scents and colors, candles offer an infinite variety of choices to accommodate almost any spell.. In other forms of modern witchcraft, practitioners often incorporate candles for their symbolic colors, scents, shapes and the variety of ways to customize them according to the spell’s purpose.. If you plan to use spell craft to attract love into your life, a candle spell is a go-to for many witches.. Color: Pink or red are traditional colors for the love spell candle, with pink being geared towards softer, more long-term love, and red more appropriate for passion and fast-burning love.. Scent/Herbs: Anoint love spell candles with cinnamon, rose and vanilla essential oils.. Symbols: Carve any symbol that represents love to you—hearts or roses, for example–into a love spell candle.. On the night of the full moon , anoint a pink or red candle with vanilla essential oil.. Carve a love symbol into the candle, along with your birthdate or a symbol of your sun sign.. Color: Blue, white or pastel green candles work well for this type of spell.. Make sure to place any items you use in your psychic or dream work (such as your dream journal or deck of tarot cards) near the candle.. Color: Black candles are a typical choice for a banishing spell.. Scent/herbs: Gently melt some wax and roll a stick candle in dried rosemary, clove or other protection herb for a banishing candle.. Symbols: Carve an X symbol, along the name of the person, habit or thing you want to banish into your candle.. On the night of the waning moon, place a piece of paper with your target’s name written on it, or (even better) the person, place or thing you wish to banish underneath the base of your banishing candle.

As with all magical workings, it’s very important to put thought into your goal.. A New Green Candle: Candles should always be virgin—or never used—in candle magic.. I think this is one of those things in which various methods work and you need to choose the one that works best for you.. Is it ok if I only have that one candle?. How do I cast a candle magic spell for happiness, and what ingredients would I need for casting a candle magic happiness spell?. Im a beginner in candle magic. Can you do spiritual work on your own self like a love spell for you or your husband or your boyfriend to come back cuz some people say no you can't do it on your own self you can only do it for other people and if you do a candle for your own benefit your own gain it won't work is that true different people say different things that's why I'm confused?. Do you have magic that works on pets?. I would never use a candle imbued with one energy for a spell calling for a different energy (for example, healing candle used for a money spell), but if the energies of the candle are lined up (like old money spell candle for new money spell), it's could work.. What candle do I light for perfection I am new and have not had many people to talk to about my abilities and I feel bad power coming to me and I must protect me daughter. If I were casting a love spell I'd use much different timing than if I was casting a protection spell or a money spell.. under the candle.

It is a wonderful tool for those just starting out, those on a budget, and any witch that feels connected to the element of fire.. Despite its name, candle magic doesn't derive its power from the candle itself.. Colors in magic have different correspondences, which you should try to match as closely to your intention as possible.. Your intention is what you want to get out of the spell.. Keep your intention in mind, or write it on a piece of paper and put it under the candle.. These symbols can be as simple as a number or a word.. You can also use magical symbols or runes if you have a connection to them.. Choose herbs that correspond to your intention and roll your oil anointed candle in them.. When you are charged by the energy of your intention, light your candle.. Sit before your burning candle and repeat your chant as many times as you feel is necessary to get your intention across.. After the spell is said and done, you should leave your candle to burn out on its own.. Wicca Weekly: March 10, 2022 It's time for a little midweek pick-me-up!

The candles serve both as a point of focus for the magickian and also as tangible symbols for the outcome which the magickian is seeking.. Candle magick is one of the simplest forms of ritual magick, making it an ideal form of magick for beginners, and can be found in a wide variety of occult, spiritual and magickal traditions.. For example: Promotion at Work, Better Sex Life, More Prosperity, etc.. Some magickians like to identify their own correspondences, but many adopt the following fairly simple palette of candle magick colours for their workings:. BLUE CANDLES symbolise peace of mind, health and positive development in the spiritual, mental and emotional areas of life.. PURPLE CANDLES symbolise business success, social advancement and power.. For example, if you wanted to demonstrate greater levels of prosperity and abundance in your life, you would probably choose to use a green candle, and if you wanted to improve your sex life you might choose to use a red candle.. Step #3 – Obtain the Required Materials To practice candle magick safely and effectively, you will need a candle in the colour which corresponds with your established intention, and a suitable candle holder .. Step #5 – Burn the Candle Next, set the candle securely into its holder, put it in your chosen safe location, and light the flame.. Step #6 – Note the Results You should expect your candle magick to start working from the moment you first light it.. To those of you who wish to take your study further and begin practicing advanced candle magick, we highly recommend the book Practical Candleburning Rituals: Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose by Raymond Buckland.

Candle magic is simply any type of ritual or spell work that uses a candle as a way to focus your intention and visualization to bring about a change in your life.. Anybody with a candle can cast a spell, and since candles are so easy to find, candle magic is quite accessible.. But aside from being easy enough to do, candle magic can be extremely powerful because a candle calls upon all four of the magical elements of the Universe at once:. So, to charge the candle before using it in a spell, hold it in your dominant hand and simply state aloud or think to yourself the purpose of your candle spell.. A third way you can infuse your intention into the candle, or dedicate the candle to this specific spell, is to inscribe your intention into the candle with a blade or sharp point.. The idea behind not blowing the candle out is that it blows the intention and magic out of the candle as well.

Unlike black magic practices, which are never concerned with the effect a spell may have on others, white magic is centered on healing and protection while avoiding any negative after-effects on those that may come into contact with the magic spells.. However, it is important to know that regardless of how a spell is portrayed to you, it’s your intention that can change a spell from a white magic spell to a black magic spell.. Not all practitioners view spells, such as money spells, or love spells, to be anything but white magic as long as they are cast without force or the intention to coerce someone into a situation they wouldn’t choose on their own.. When it comes to casting white magic love spells it’s important to remember that these magic spells shouldn’t be used to make someone love you.. Increasing Abundance Spell This white magic spell is incredibly simple and is a perfect example of how simple white magic can be just as powerful but also accessible to those new to the craft.. Now take your matches and light your candles, and repeat this phrase: “Money, money come to me, In abundance three times three, May I be enriched in the best ways, Harming none on its way, This I accept, so mote it be, Bring me money three times three.” As you chant, move the white candle one inch closer to the green candle.. The Money Knot Spell Many white magic spells use candles as representations of themselves.. Protect Your Belongings Spell This spell is a classic white magic spell that can be used to protect certain areas of your life just by using an item that is linked to that area.

(For the sticklers among us, I do have a listing of recommended candle correspondence colors here — and don't forget: white candles can be substituted in for almost any candle color you need for a spell.. The plate method has some nice other advantages if you're doing freeform spellwork, as you can burn the candle in the center of a ring of salt or related herbs for your working, if you've not chosen to dress the candle or you feel that's not needed for this particular casting.. You'll use the carving implement to carve a word or name to set the intention of your spell, after which you'll anoint the candle with a mixture of your oil and herbs, working from the two ends inward towards the middle of the candle if it's manifesting you're doing, or outward towards either end if you're doing a letting-go, banishment type of spell.. When your spell is concluded, if you're using a small spell candle, it's recommended not to blow out your candle but rather to let it burn entirely until completed.. For example, I'm very into crystals and crystal magic, as well as astrology, so I try to time my candle spells for auspicious astrological dates, and it's rare that you'll see a candle spell from me without at least a few stones arranged nearby (usually on a crystal grid!).

Let us go over the magical properties associated with the different types of candles as well as color meanings, flame meanings, and how you can start practicing candle magic at home today!. It is thought that white candles will enhance any type of white magic spell so burn with other colors.. This candle amplifies magic if used with a blue candle it will increase a healing spell.. This is the type of candle you will use when performing love spells of any type.. While you are preparing and dressing your candle remember to visualize the intention you wish to set for this spell.. Now it’s time to light up your candle, cast your spell and let that baby burn until it burns out on its own!. Below I have included some descriptions of candle flame meanings and how you can study what they mean for your spell and the possible outcome you are set to receive.. The meanings of candle flames, center around the way the flame is burning.. Even Fast Burning Candle – A faster than normal burning candle but burns easily is considered to be a good omen.. Now that we have gone over the basics about Candle Magic, let us go over how you start practicing Candle Magic for Beginners!. Lastly, you will light the candle and it is important to remember you should let the candle burn itself out.


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