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Credit cards are one of the most convenient and efficient ways to get money. However, there are many different types of credit cards available in the market. So, which one should you choose?

The best credit card in Pakistan is the one that is accepted by the major banks. This post gives you a complete list of the best credit cards in Pakistan.

Nowadays, the world has become a global village. People travel to different countries, and they want to get the best of everything. In this article, we’ll discuss the best credit card in Pakistan which is known as the best credit card in Pakistan.

The basic idea behind a credit card is to make it possible for a bank to issue a payment card to a customer that the customer can use to purchase

Credit card cash, or money from the card, is like a small loan that the bank makes to the consumer.

You promise the bank that you’ll pay for the amount spent.

Besides this, the customer also pays some extra charges as the service fee.

This article discusses some types of credit cards. Before proceeding, let’s discuss some types of credit cards.


It’s called SadaPay as it is the only EMI provider that’s approved by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). In fact, all the transactions through SadaPay are conducted using SBP’s banking system.

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It is a digital wallet that allows users to pay their bills through this app and transfer money through this app.

Pros Fees are only Rs. 0.35 per transaction and Rs. 1 for withdrawals up to Rs. 3000 Free ATM withdrawals are allowed for three free transactions per month. Transfer of money through SadaPay is fast and safe.

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NayaPay (Private) Limited is also authorized by the SBP as an EMI.

They’ve also got a decent website. There shouldn’t be any problems with navigating around.

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You can send money to friends and family for free. The service NayaPay, allows you to send money for free.

You can also avail a Visa debit card instantly for your online and offline payments.

Credit card is accepted at all 15,000+ ATMs across Pakistan.

You can easily control your payments or freeze your card through their app.

They also have no hidden charges, annual fees, or other costs. They also offer a virtual Visa card.

Their app is designed to enhance your productivity.

You can transfer money through different payment methods, including automatic transfer. You can also write notes to explain them.

You can receive reminders for your due payments. Overall, the NayaPay app offers more functionality.

To start using NayaPay, you’ll need to verify your card with Meezan Bank.

Lastly, you can also increase your spending limits through biometric verifications.

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Bank AlfalahFamily Credit Card

Bank Alfalah give its customers more choice to select a credit card for their needs.

The details of four options, including free credit cards are listed here.

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Alfalah Visa Platinum Credit Card: This card will make your travel life easier with great benefits, especially for your lifestyle and travel needs.

Shop with Visa, pay with Cash on Delivery at select stores in Pakistan, and get Cash Back in Rewards Points at all times when you shop. Enjoy free shipping, exclusive benefits, and an unparalleled level of service when you dine, travel, and shop with your Visa Card.

You can use your Alfalah Visa Gold credit card to enjoy various benefits and privileges as an Alfalah VISA Credit Card Member.

This card is specially designed for a segment that prefers point accumulation, a free card, and occasionally travels. It has no annual fees.

This card is suitable for customers who have a low interest in investing in a financial portfolio that requires a large investment at the beginning and who want to achieve the highest possible return for their savings.

They would prefer a free gift.

This card is specially designed for a segment that prefers point accumulation and sometimes travels.

HBL Credit Card

Apply for an HBL credit card now and get exciting benefits, exclusive offers, and exciting rewards.

This credit card from HBL is for people who want to enjoy the luxuries of the good life, with the convenience of paying bills and enjoying the best services.

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Your HBL Platinum Credit Card makes shopping around the world even more fun, so you can get more done in less time.

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Get more from life with the HBL Gold Credit Card. Get amazing discounts on shopping, dining, and travel.

Get exclusive privileges such as complimentary access to HBL Lounges across Pakistan at select outlets.

HBL FuelSaver Credit Card: A credit card that saves you money on fuel. Earn cashback of up to 5% with the HBL FuelSaver CreditCard.

MCB Credit Card

MCB offers two credit card options to its customers.

The MCB credit cards give you extra control over your credit card account, so you can pay off your balance sooner and get the cashback and rewards you want.

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This credit card isn’t just another card in your wallet. It offers the same high-interest rate savings as our Platinum card, plus many other benefits.

Credit cards are only a way to borrow money for a certain period of time, and they provide no guarantee or protection for the debtor.

We consider it one of the 3 best Credit cards in Pakistan because of its unique, innovative, and state-of-the-art services.

Additionally, MCB Visa is the most secure, affordable, and rewarding credit card, making shopping a much more exciting experience.

MCB Visa Platinum Credit Card is the most reliable, competitive, and gratifying Credit Card offering luxury shopping, dining, and travel opportunities that will undeniably be a treat for you and your family.

It is accepted in 29 million locations in over 150 countries worldwide. In Pakistan, it has over 30,000 stores.

UBL Credit Card

United Bank Limited is one of the most reliable banks in Pakistan.

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This bank provides three different credit cards to its valuable customers, including a cash advance option. It offers a broad range of credit card products.

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I’ve been using UBL for a few months now, and I think this is the best credit card available. It’s very easy to use, offers many perks such as cashback and discounts, and I get a free credit monitoring service.

It is the first electronic debit card that has a chip in Pakistan. Credit cards are very useful; they offer many perks and privileges. Furthermore, this card is accepted worldwide.

Faysal Bank Credit Card

Faysal Bank is another well-known bank in Pakistan. The bank offers 4 options for its customers who belong to different domains and fields.

World MasterCard: The world master card is the second level of the primary card. It is available with higher limits.

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The card has a lot of benefits both domestic and international. It’s because of this that it’s attracted a wide range of customers.

Platinum Credit Card is the best credit card for businesses. This card offers a good credit range and is a must-have for an upgraded lifestyle.

Titanium Credit Card is one of the most popular credit cards in Pakistan. It blends the benefits of Gold and Platinum. Titanium has emerged as an important material in aerospace and automotive applications.

Titanium Credit Card comes with a wide range of value-added services aimed at providing ease and complimenting your lifestyle preferences.

Blaze Credit Card: The Faysal Bank Blaze Credit Card is the first stylishly designed credit card in Pakistan.

The card has been branded with the Master logo and is named after its distinctive shape.

With the Blaze Credit card, we combine the chip technology with the instant reward redemption program. Amazon aims to provide ease and convenience to its users.

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If you want any help just tell us we help you, WebToHelp.


Which bank is No 1 in credit card? ›

Top 13 Credit Cards In India
Sr. no.BankJoining fee
1IndusInd Bank Legend Credit CardRs. 0
2Axis Bank Ace Credit CardRs. 499
3HDFC Diners Club Black Credit CardRs. 10,000
4Amazon Pay ICICI Credit CardNil
9 more rows

Which credit card is most powerful? ›

One of the world's most prestigious credit cards is the Centurion® Card from American Express*.

What are the top 10 hardest credit cards to get? ›

Rewards: Chase Sapphire Reserve®Chase Sapphire Reserve® Learn Moreon issuer's website. Business: Wells Fargo Business Elite Signature CardWells Fargo Business Elite Signature Card Learn More. Luxury Travel: U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite® CardU.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite® Card Learn More.

What are the 3 major credit cards? ›

Four major credit card networks dominate the market in the U.S.: American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

What is the fastest credit card? ›

  • Top credit cards you can use instantly after approval.
  • Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.
  • Bank of America® Premium Rewards® credit card.
  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.
  • United℠ Explorer Card.
  • SoFi Credit Card.
  • Other notable options.

Which bank gives credit easily? ›

Some of the most popular banks offering credit cards in India are HDFC, SBI Card, ICICI, Amex, Axis, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. However, the best credit card for you would be the one that matches your needs.

Which card is best card? ›

Best Premium Credit Cards in India for 2023
  • SBI Elite Credit Card. Joining Fee: Rs. 4,999. Annual Fee: Rs. 4,999. ...
  • HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition. Joining Fee: Rs. 12,500. Annual Fee: Rs. 12,500. ...
  • HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card. Joining Fee: Rs. 10,000. Annual Fee: Rs. 10,000.
3 days ago

Which credit card is free of cost? ›

IDFC FIRST Millennia Credit Card is a suitable option if you are looking for a zero annual fee credit card that comes with a good rewards rate. With this card, you can earn up to 10X reward points on select purchases. Also, you can earn better reward points if you frequently shop online.

How much is black card? ›

What's so special about the American Express Black Card? The invitation-only Black Card is aimed at high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) who travel frequently. Starting your membership will cost you a $10,000 initiation fee, and there's a $5,000 annual fee.

Which credit card is not accepted the most? ›

American Express currently has the lowest acceptance rates internationally. We recommend Amex cardholders carry a backup Visa or Mastercard, especially when travelling outside the United States.

Do rich use credit cards? ›

High-net-worth Americans (with a self-reported net worth of over $1 million) hold between 2 and 4 credit cards on average. Just over half of wealthy respondents open a new credit card at least three times per year. Only a third of respondents pay off their statement balance every month.

Can I get a credit card with a 750 credit score? ›

With a 750 score, you'll have access to credit cards with some of the best perks. These include no annual fees, sign-up bonuses and travel rewards. You'll probably also qualify for higher credit limits, giving you more options for spending throughout every month.

Can I get a credit card with a 570 credit score? ›

Yes, you can, but you'll need to apply for specific cards that accept applicants with low credit scores.

What credit card limit can I get with a 700 credit score? ›

“In the 700 club, your credit limit will likely be close to the average credit limit for a newly issued card, about $5,000,” says Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at Bankrate. “That limit can vary based on income and other debt.”

How many credit cards is enough? ›

If your goal is to get or maintain a good credit score, two to three credit card accounts, in addition to other types of credit, are generally recommended. This combination may help you improve your credit mix. Lenders and creditors like to see a wide variety of credit types on your credit report.

What are the 2 types of credit cards? ›

There are essentially two types of credit cards: general credit cards and retailer credit cards.

What are the 4 main types of credit cards? ›

Four major types of credit cards are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. These are the major credit card networks, which most credit cards belong to, and they dictate where cards can be used as well as what secondary benefits cards offer.

Which card is easiest to get approved for? ›

Secured credit cards are by far the easiest type of credit card to obtain, particularly if you have a poor or limited credit history.

What's the lowest credit card limit? ›

Your first credit limit may be as low as $100 if your first credit card is from a retail store, but you might be approved for a slightly larger credit limit up to $500 if your first credit card is issued by a bank or credit card company.

What credit card can you get with a score of 400? ›

The best credit card for a 400 credit score is the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card. This card has no credit check when you apply, no processing fee and a low annual fee of $35. OpenSky also reports to the major credit bureaus each month.

How can I get 700 credit fast? ›

Here are some of the best ways.
  1. Pay on Time, Every Time. ...
  2. Reduce Your Credit Card Balances. ...
  3. Avoid Taking Out New Debt Frequently. ...
  4. Be Mindful of the Types of Credit You Use. ...
  5. Dispute Inaccurate Credit Report Information. ...
  6. Don't Close Old Credit Cards.
Feb 7, 2021

Can I get credit card without income proof? ›

Yes, you can have a credit card without a job or salary slip, but in such a case you either need to show other sources of income or a good bank balance. You can also get a secured credit card against fixed deposits or mutual funds.

Which Visa card is best? ›

Best Visa credit cards
  • Best no-annual-fee Visa card: Chase Freedom Flex℠
  • Best cash-back Visa card: Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Credit Card.
  • Best travel Visa card: Chase Sapphire Reserve®
  • Best balance transfer Visa card: U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card.
  • Best student Visa card: Journey Student Rewards from Capital One.

Which card is the safest? ›

The Pros and Cons of Debit Cards

Paying with a debit card is probably the safest way to keep track of your finances because it is linked directly to your bank account.

Which card is highest? ›

There are 52 cards in the pack, and the ranking of the individual cards, from high to low, is ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Which banks give free credit card? ›

Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards In India 2023
  • Featured Promotions.
  • Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards In India.
  • IDFC FIRST Select Credit Card.
  • IDFC FIRST Millennia Credit Card.
  • Dhanlaxmi Bank Platinum Credit Card.
  • Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card.
  • ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card Review.
  • Aspire Platinum Credit Card (IDBI Bank)
Nov 28, 2022

Can I get credit card without bank account? ›

It depends on bank to bank. Some banks may offer unsecured credit cards without a bank account. On the other hand, if you want a secured credit card without a bank account, it can be possible. The only time you will be asked for a bank account is when you are transferring the security deposit to the bank.

Is Walmart credit card free? ›

Walmart credit card fees

Both Walmart cards have no annual fee, but the interest rates and other fees differ. The Capital One Walmart Rewards card has a 17.99% to 27.74% variable APR, while the Walmart Rewards™ Card has a 26.99% variable APR.

Who owns black card? ›

Fans have been wondering about what speciality this card holds. Apart from Jungkook, only Jin in BTS holds the black card. Apart from them Blackpink Jennie, Bigbang's G-dragon, Taeyang, TXT Yeonjun, Sandara park and more have made it to the A list of Black card holders.

What is the highest credit card color? ›

But the high-end perks that come with the ultra-elite black cards remain out of reach for even those who are willing to pay an annual fee to access the best international travel cards.

Is a black card Rich? ›

'Black credit card' is the catch-all term usually used to describe the most exclusive credit cards available to the wealthiest individuals. They are given out by banks to high-earning, big-spending customers and offer impressive perks and very high or unlimited credit.

What card is not accepted everywhere? ›

The good news is that Visa and Mastercard are generally widely accepted abroad. The bad news is that Discover cards and American Express cards aren't as widely accepted. Also, in some places cash is still king.

Which credit cards are accepted internationally? ›

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards can be used internationally. However, Visa and Mastercard credit cards are more widely accepted abroad. Credit cards without foreign transaction fees are also crucial when traveling internationally.

Which is better Visa or Mastercard? ›

None is superior over the other. The better credit card network depends on the kind of benefits or services you want to get. In short, the difference between Visa and Mastercard doesn't matter. What matters more is the bank that issues the credit card, as it sets the credit card features that will affect your finances.

Which card is used by billionaires? ›

What Credit Card Do the Super Rich Use? The super rich use a variety of different credit cards, many of which have strict requirements to obtain, such as invitation only or a high minimum net worth. Such cards include the American Express Centurion (Black Card) and the JP Morgan Chase Reserve.

What is a large credit card limit? ›

A high-limit credit card typically comes with a credit line between $5,000 to $10,000 (and some even go beyond $10,000). You're more likely to have a higher credit limit if you have good or excellent credit.

Who offers a black card? ›

The Mastercard® Black Card™, which is offered through Luxury Card, is a black-coated metal credit card that exudes exclusivity. However, applying for this card isn't overly difficult since it's available online, and the $495 annual fee (plus $195 for each Authorized User) makes it a lot more affordable.

How to get $100 000 credit limit? ›

How to Get a $100K Credit Limit
  1. Pick the right card. Some credit cards are known for having higher spending limits than others. ...
  2. Review your credit report. ...
  3. Improve your credit score. ...
  4. Keep your credit utilization ratio below 10% ...
  5. Update your income and assets. ...
  6. Request a credit limit increase.
Mar 8, 2022

How much credit score is good? ›

Although ranges vary depending on the credit scoring model, generally credit scores from 580 to 669 are considered fair; 670 to 739 are considered good; 740 to 799 are considered very good; and 800 and up are considered excellent.

What raises credit score? ›

Factors that contribute to a higher credit score include a history of on-time payments, low balances on your credit cards, a mix of different credit card and loan accounts, older credit accounts, and minimal inquiries for new credit.

Can I get a Walmart credit card with a 520 credit score? ›

The Walmart Credit Card credit score requirement is 640 or higher. That means people with fair credit or better have a shot at getting approved for this card. The Walmart® Store Card also requires at least fair credit for approval.

Can I get a Wells Fargo credit card with a 650 credit score? ›

Wells Fargo Reflect® Card requirements

The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card normally requires a FICO® Score of at least 670, and a score of 700 or higher is even better.

Can I get a loan with a 571 credit score? ›

A 571 credit score can be a sign of past credit difficulties or a lack of credit history. Whether you're looking for a personal loan, a mortgage or a credit card, credit scores in this range can make it challenging to get approved for unsecured credit, which doesn't require collateral or a security deposit.

What credit limit can I get with a 750 credit score? ›

The credit limit you can get with a 750 credit score is likely in the $1,000-$15,000 range, but a higher limit is possible. The reason for the big range is that credit limits aren't solely determined by your credit score.

What can I get with a 800 credit score? ›

An 800-plus credit score shows lenders you are an exceptional borrower. You may qualify for better mortgage and auto loan terms with a high credit score. You may also qualify for credit cards with better rewards and perks, such as access to airport lounges and free hotel breakfasts.

Is there a credit score that goes to 900? ›

FICO® score ranges vary — they can range from 300 to 850 or 250 to 900, depending on the scoring model — but higher scores can indicate that you may be less risky to lenders.

What are all the major credit cards? ›

A major credit card is one on a major card network, of which there are four: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

What is the most popular type of credit card? ›

1. Unsecured credit card. Unsecured credit cards are the most common type of credit cards. Unlike secured credit cards, unsecured credit cards don't require you to deposit cash as collateral.

Which credit card is most used in USA? ›

Visa and Mastercard are by far the most widely accepted cards, with Discover slightly behind those brands and American Express in a distant fourth place. Any retailer that accepts card payments likely takes Visa and Mastercard.

What is the easiest card to get approved? ›

Secured credit cards will likely be the easiest cards to get for those with either poor credit or no credit. That's because they require collateral upfront in the form of a security deposit, which is typically equal to the amount of your credit line and reduces the risk to the card issuer if you fail to pay your bill.

What are the 4 types of credit cards? ›

Rewards credit cards. Secured credit cards. Low-interest credit cards. Cashback credit cards.

What are the 5 types of credit cards? ›

What are the different types of credit cards?
  • Rewards cards.
  • Travel credit cards.
  • Cash back credit cards.
  • Starter credit cards.
  • Business credit cards.
  • Co-branded credit cards.

Which type of card is best? ›

Visa Debit Cards

Perhaps the most common type of debit card in India and abroad is the Visa debit card. These cards are accepted globally for all kinds of online payments and electronic transactions.

Which card is better than credit card? ›

Most users feel that debit card is not only more convenient, but less stressful as it lets you spend within your financial abilities without accumulating and debt or interest in future. It relieves you from a lot of stress, from getting into a debt cycle and overspending.

What credit card is not accepted everywhere? ›

The good news is that Visa and Mastercard are generally widely accepted abroad. The bad news is that Discover cards and American Express cards aren't as widely accepted. Also, in some places cash is still king.

What credit cards can I get with 500 score? ›

Credit cards you can get with a 500 credit score
  • Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card: No credit history. ...
  • Petal 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa: No credit history. ...
  • Discover it Secured: No credit history. ...
  • Petal 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa: No credit history. ...
  • Mission Lane Visa: Bad to fair (300-670)
Jun 15, 2022

Can I get a credit card without a credit score? ›

Bottom line. It is possible for those with no credit history to open credit cards and earn rewards for their purchases. In general, it is easiest to qualify for secured credit cards, which require you to make a deposit in order to access a credit limit.


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