Wish z/Project Pokémon (2023)

Project: Pokémon was an unofficial Pokémon RPG created by wish_z on May 10, 2013.

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Project: Pokémon was an unofficial Pokémon game based off the original Pokémon games, and takes place in the Pokémon region of Kanto. Unlike the original Pokémon games, this game has nearly every Pokémon, and has a few places that weren't in the original. Approximately 4 million people have played the game. There are approximately 234,000,000 visits. It was created on April 10, 2013. There are usually about 2,000 active players at any time as of January 20, 2018. The game's wiki is here.


Project: Pokémon begins with getting your starter Pokémon from Professor Oak in Pallet Town, along with Professor Oak's grandson, Gary, who challenges you and picks the starter with the advantage against you. After that, you travel Route 1 and reach Viridian City. Here, you can heal your Pokémon and find a parcel for Professor Oak, and you travel back to Pallet Town to give the parcel to Professor Oak, who gives you your Pokédex and 5 Pokéball in return.

After that, you travel back to Viridian City, and you can go to Route 22, a short Route where you can battle Gary again. Then, you go on to Route 2, where you can battle many trainers, then Viridian Forest, where you can catch another Pokémon for your party with your Pokéballs, then to Pewter City. Here, you can have your first gym battle, because the gym in Viridian City was closed. You can fight against Brock, a Rock-type trainer.

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Next, you go to Mount. Moon, a massive cavern filled with wild Zubat, and after that, Cerulean City, where you can battle Misty, a Water-type trainer.

Next, you travel to Vermillion City, the port of Kanto. You can do many things here, such as travel to Social Park, an area where you can battle and trade with other players to receive rare Pokémon, rename your Pokémon, and battle Lt. Surge, the Electric-type gym leader.

After that, you can pass through many bridges with fisherman trainers to get to Lavender Town. Here, you can find the Pokémon Tower, where Pokémon that have passed away are often brought to. You can find many ghost Pokémon like Gastly and encounter several people including Gary at the top of the tower. This town has no Gym leader.

Next, you travel to Celadon City, a large city with a Grass-type gym leader named Erika. You can also teleport from here to Mysterious Grotto, a large, rocky area where you can find a very rare Pokémon and many other strong Pokémon.

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After crossing a long bridge with many trainers, you can reach Fuchsia City, with a hard gym leader named Koga and another trainer you can battle if you've beat all 8 gym leaders to travel to The Mausoleum of Origins, a massive temple with many Pokémon unique to only that area, and 3 Legendary Pokémon, although 2 can only be found with Kyurem in your party. You can also find a Mythical Pokémon there which can only be found by finding certain objects. You can also visit Seafoam Cave here, which also has a Legendary Pokémon.

After, you can travel to Saffron City, a massive city with the gym leader Sabrina, a Psychic-type, a fighting dojo to fight Fighting-type trainers, a building where you can fight teams of people who have already beat the game, and find Gary again just after Saffron City on Route 21.

Route 21 is a long route from Saffron City to Cinnabar Volcano. You will encounter many trainers. Eventually, you will get to a floating city on top of Cinnabar Volcano, where you can find a person who has hunches on where Rayquaza, Manaphy, and Cresselia, and these hunches change every 10 minutes. You can also find a scientist who will give you a Pidgeotite, a mega stone, and tell you about the mega stones, which you can rarely find on wild Pokémon. You can also battle Blaine, a Fire-type gym leader on top of the Volcano.

After you have beaten Blaine, you can travel back to Viridian City to battle Giovanni, the eighth gym leader. Then, you can collect your eighth gym badge and travel to Route 22 again, where you will find a guard. When talked to, you will be able to travel to Victory Road (with the 8 badges) and go through to Indigo Plateau. From here you can travel to Snow Canyon and Elegant Valley, two areas with different Pokémon, and battle the Elite 4 and the champion. The E4 are a group of 4 challenging trainers you must beat in one try in order to fight the champion, Gary, who has a powerful team including Arceus, the god of Pokémon. If you fail on any of the E4 or the champion, you must start over. If you beat them all, you become the champion of Kanto and can find some special Champion-only Pokémon, or you can fill up your Pokédex with the hundreds of Pokémon in game (around 630)

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Usually anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 concurrent players are on as of February 2018. The activity has been declining with the advent of Pokémon Brick Bronze.


The game was in v1.9.9 as of August 3, 2018.


On August 4, 2018, Project: Pokémon was struck with a content deletion. This was expected to happen by most users ever since the takedown of Pokémon Brick Bronze in April, and as such it wasn't particularly seen as a surprise. However, players who have invested time and money into the game have complained as they enjoyed the game and wished to continue playing it. Similar to Brick Bronze, the game plagiarized many assets from the official Pokémon games for the Nintendo handheld systems.

There was also a rumor that the creator, wish_z got some permission from Nintendo to use some assets for the game, but it was later proven to be false. Warning: Display title "Project: Pokémon" overrides earlier display title "Project Pokémon".

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